Artwork and poems generated through From Dexter to Sinister will be included in a group show titled The Interconnected World at the Hampden Gallery at UMASS Amherst, March 31st - April18th.




View From Dexter To Sinister in the online catalog for the 2011 Transcultural Exchange Conference.




David Appleton, academic herald, discusses From Dexter to Sinister on his blog Heraldry: Musings on an Esoteric Life. (which is also home to many an excellent Heraldic resource!)





From Dexter to Sinister will be included in Here, There and Everywhere, an exhibition that is part of the 2011 Transcultural Exchange Conference to be held in Boston, April 8-10.

The lovely Leni Zumas discusses From Dexter to Sinister on her excellent blog Ambulacra!