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Listen to partcipating poets read their blazons aloud here.


Blazons appear in this order:


Leni Zumas


Zelda Alpern, Ride Towards This

Sierra Nelson (feat. Hollow Log)


Jill Leninger, Blazon 6: Escondido

Aurora Brackett, The Other Side, Poem 4




Quarterly nut and striped of nut and argent, in the first a toothed mountain sable,

in the fourth an owl’s wing teardropped purpure on sable, in the second and third

the slanta rays of a night-day sun.


- Leni Zumas




Crest VII  -Sarah G. Sharp
Crest VII -Sarah G. Sharp



Ride Toward This


Wood paneling like growing up

in finished basements, a ground

furrowed in its shades. A tilted

horizon of beheaded Prince

Valiants or post-apocalyptic homes.

Beams Or and Brown shine up

from behind like search lights,

two of them, beside themselves and sinister.

From above a bitten burr of sun

charges down. The house faces front

each other. Furrows converge

at a skewed center. Beneath scalloped

sky beams crass and crosh.

-Zelda Alpern





Crest IV: Sunrise  -Sarah G. Sharp
Crest IV: Sunrise -Sarah G. Sharp
Martha Clippinger
Martha Clippinger




Blazon 6: Escondido, CA

Three chevron crossings, due north
And drawn back, a past tracked with migrations, bent
Grain into lighter birch. A field of three

Intersects at the base, with you in obscurity
(In English), and them behind you, making some
New thing, your sister, the empty set.

Also missing: the coyote who dressed you
In a crisp white cap. And, of course, the papers
People at all the laminate counters ask for.

Place of birth? Escondido, you say, Hidden
In your native tongue—which is what they want for you,
A life under the radar. But I wish you this:

A fierce charge, attitude guardant,
Your parents still together as your story
Registers true, and protects you.

 - Jill Leininger


Crest V: Sarah G. Sharp
Crest V: Sarah G. Sharp





Wood edged woods, a grand roundel meadow. 
In sinister heights demi-bezant Or,
demi-Or bezant twinned in dexter depths:
soleil half-sunk in woods.  Entwined raylets rampant –
wood, Or-wood, tawny, murrey – around bezants arrayed.


-Sierra Nelson


Crest II: Sunset  -Sarah G. Sharp
Crest II: Sunset -Sarah G. Sharp







Sweet Throat is about grit, gagging, over-indulging, the senses, and something good gone wrong.  When reading Aurora Brackett’s poem The Other Side, Poem 4, I feel a sense of longing to connect with oneself, and struggling to climb and look beyond.  This led me to create the experience of being filled with a mountain peak of sugar crystals overflowing from my mouth.  Similarly to the poetry, I am examining my own capacity and limitations.

-Emily Sloan

The Other Side, Poem 4

What they will tell you
is that it was never possible

for anyone to cross over
and yet live,

but here is your map,
my breath and lips,

here is your map,
the bend of my wrist.

You do not get here on your knees

These mountains are the
ragged bodies of bear.
Grab hold
of matted fur
of teeth
of lolling,
sleeping tongues

Grab hold
their waking screams
the hungry caves of
open throats

You do not get here clean

You are not,
have never been

You follow
with your own teeth
tear flesh
while you are


You get here
by scaling the peaks
of your own
broken bones

This light that issues
the light you hunger for

is no sunrise

are the first light of summer.

-Aurora Brackett