About the Collaboration

The impetus for “From Dexter to Sinister: Exquisite Blazonry for the Disenfranchised”
lie in various conversations between the participating artists and writers about cross-disciplinary approaches, the interaction of language with image, and a desire to expand the boundaries of their practices.


Many of the artists and writers involved in this iteration of the project are linked through participation, at varying times, in an artist residency. At the residency artists and writers lived with each other for a month or more, sharing meals and living space, but for the most part working as solitary beings in our own studio spaces.

After the residency we returned to our home studios with a desire to
address, in some way, the gaps in understanding and moments of synchronicity involved
in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary exchange and to maintain the energy and initiative
provided by our connections. Our collaboration was born from this desire.


Through this exchange the participants are asked to expand the boundaries of their practice while honing their own vision. Writers begin by creating a "blazon." They are asked only to be aware of the history and practice of blazonry, but to interpret the process in any way they see fit. The written blazon is then passed on to a visual artist via e-mail. They can then interpret and respond in any way they wish, creating a "crest" from which another writer can make a "blazon." The final results will exist online and in various on-the-ground shows in New York and elsewhere.


Sarah G. Sharp initiated this exchange in an effort to activate the potential
within the practice of heraldry to communicate visually without singular authorship. The
written “blazon” and its relationship to the visual “heraldic image” seemed the perfect
vehicle for a collaboration between artist and writers.